You're a small business on a

bootstrap budget

and need professional guidance without an hourly bill or hidden fees

Here's What We Offer


QuickBooks Online Video Training Series

Watch step-by-step instructions.


Learn how to maneuver the online accounting program.


Custom Chart of Accounts

Set up your bookkeeping file with an industry-specific list of accounts.


Just like the pros.

DeMinimis Safe Harbor Plan

Deduct qualifying transactions automatically without having to depreciate them over several years.


It cuts down on your bookkeeping tasks and puts more money in your pocket.




As a business owner, you must have policies and procedures in place to reimburse your employees.


You need it when they use personal funds for business expenses or a personal vehicle for business errands.


Group Mentoring Sessions

Chat with an expert rather than the search engines. 


In our monthly sessions, we’ll touch on bookkeeping, tax deductions, corporate compliance, and much more.


Small Business

Knowledge Base

Access a private portal of articles for guidance on tax issues, QBO, and general small business advice.


All in one place.

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