Learn How to Maneuver the IRS Rules for a Real Estate Professional

Get the details of a valuable tax strategy that can

reduce your taxable income on a rental property


Kissimmee, FL (July 3, 2020) - The Deducting The Right Way® book collection has a new addition, Deducting The Right Way: Landlord’s Journal, written by award-nominated authors Thomas J. Williams, EA, and Iris K. Palma, JD.


The latest workbook helps landlords understand the real estate professional designation, including material participation, grouping activities, and the required hours. It serves as a tool to track the time spent on eligible tasks and contains calculation worksheets and flow charts. 


“Whether you’re a first-time landlord or have a large portfolio, you’ll discover the tax advantages of qualifying for the real estate professional title,” said Williams. “Our journal also shows you how to protect your tax deduction by building and preserving your proof. We highlight a few court cases, so you can use these cautionary tales to avoid missteps,” added Palma.


Deducting The Right Way: Landlord’s Journal is available on Amazon worldwide.


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