Business Authors Release Two New Books on the Same Day


Supplemental guides for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMBs


Kissimmee, FL (October 5, 2020) - The Deducting The Right Way® book collection expands with two guidebooks, 1099 Supplemental Guide and Home Office & Mileage Supplemental Guide, written by co-authors Thomas J. Williams, EA, and Iris K. Palma, JD.


The 1099 Supplemental Guide outlines the steps for preparing and sending federal information returns and recipient statements. Taxpayers learn how to report qualifying transactions with independent contractors using Forms 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC.  


The Home Office & Mileage Supplemental Guide provides detailed information on the two tax deduction methods available for a home office and business mileage. Plus, it shows you how to handle the sale of the house or car after claiming a write-off. The book also discusses the advantages of using a home as the starting point for driving trips.


“We want to shed light on the issues a self-employed person faces when they work from home or hire outside help,” said Williams. “It’s also important to learn how to avoid mishandling a situation or forgetting critical deadlines,” adds Palma.


The reference guides are a reusable resource for small business owners. Both books include flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate essential concepts in a user-friendly format. You can purchase your paperback copy on Amazon.


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