No More Excuses Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Checklist

How to manage your business finances

with fewer frustrations and less time


Kissimmee, FL (December 4, 2019) - Award-nominated authors Thomas J. Williams, EA, and Iris K. Palma, JD, have written Deducting The Right Way: Bookkeeping Journal as a resource for micro-business and small business owners. It helps you stay focused on the most important items to tackle during your daily operations. 


“Buying a business checklist makes it easier for you to balance your books, meet tax deadlines, and review your financial standing. In our workbook, you’ll find daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reminders,” said Williams. Running a successful venture is no small feat. “Whether you’re starting a business or growing one, you must have good books to withstand an audit, apply for loans, and sell your company for top dollar,” adds Palma.


The journal serves as an accounting tasks checklist, tax filing checklist, and compliance checklist. It has a tick-the-box format to help you get organized fast. Deducting The Right Way: Bookkeeping Journal is now available on Amazon worldwide.


About Deducting The Right Way®: We are building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who prefer the do-it-myself model but want professional guidance with their business finances. We offer practical information and resources for bookkeeping, accounting, and tax — from free tips and downloads to subscription services. Visit our website and check out our book Deducting The Right Way: Untangling Small Business Accounting & Taxes.

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