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I can't afford an accountant.

What's the temporary fix?

Business Success / Tax

Having a part-time or full-time accountant on your staff is not always possible, especially when you're starting out. However, you also can't avoid your tax deadlines (e.g., state sales tax returns, federal income tax return, state income tax return). So, what do you do?

Real Estate Agent 

Tax Deductions Checklist


Real estate agents are like every other business - they make income and pay expenses. Businesses share similar costs, while the rest are unique to each industry. 

101 Tax Write-Offs That Will Help

You Save Money

Accounting / Money Saving Tips

Small business tax deductions are your best tool to reduce a looming tax bill. By timing the purchases correctly, you can save tax in more than one year.

Free Accounting Spreadsheet Templates for a Small Business

Accounting / Bookkeeping

When you open your business, you need to set up your chart of accounts. It's the way you categorize your transactions to prepare your financial statements and tax returns.

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