What Happens To Tax Refunds During a Government Shutdown?

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You've filed your tax return and expect a tax refund, then a shutdown happens. Will you experience a delay?

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A government shutdown may negatively affect tax refunds. With less staff on hand to address questions, concerns, and processing, not receiving your refund on time is a possibility. However, if essential employees continue to work during the shutdown, then your refund may be unaffected.

State Refunds

To determine the average turnaround time for a state income tax refund, you can visit their Department of Taxation or Department of Revenue website to find the information. Many states take longer to process refunds than the federal government.

Federal Refunds

For a federal tax return, you can refer to the agency's website to view the IRS refund tracker for electronically filed and mailed forms. Typically, the IRS issues a refund within 21 days for e-filed forms and within 6 weeks for paper forms.

TIP: To track your federal refund, you can download the IRS2GO app on your mobile device. Status updates become available 24 hours after an e-file and 4 weeks after a mailed return.

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