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Whether you get a personal recommendation or conduct a search online, you'll encounter a long list of professionals but finding the right accountant or bookkeeper requires you to focus on specific qualities that help identify the best candidate. 

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How to pick a good accountant

Determine if the accountant or bookkeeper is REAL (an acronym for Reputation, Experience, Accreditation, and Licensing).


Your accountant needs to have a good reputation in two areas: deliverables and customer service. Choose a pro who meets your deadlines and is available to answer your questions.


Working in a field for a long time allows the person to become better equipped to resolve problems and create unique solutions. Decide if you want to work with a newbie who charges less money or an experienced accountant who charges for the value they offer.


Most accounting software provides certificates or other recognition to professionals who pass their testing, which shows an advanced knowledge of the product. Hire someone who is an expert on the platform you intend to use.

TIP: If you're a QuickBooks user, then you'll want to find a proadvisor.


Not all states require bookkeepers and tax return preparers to get a license unless they're handling certain duties (e.g., conducting an audit, making certified financial statements). Keep in mind you'll be handing over confidential information that is not readily available in the public domain, so make sure the person you hire is trustworthy.

Get a comprehensive checklist you can use during the interview process.

DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your accountant, attorney, and financial advisor before implementing any information displayed on this website. DIY research does not replace the advice of a licensed professional who has thoroughly reviewed your file.