How to File Taxes Online for Free (Without Extra Fees)

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It's time to file your original, extended or amended tax return. What are your options when you're ready? Let's look.

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The rules for filing taxes online

Taxpayers can file their federal tax return with the appropriate mailed form or by submitting it electronically to the IRS also known as efiling. The agency processed approximately 150 million electronic tax returns in 2017 (Source: IRS Filing Season Statistics, mid-November 2017).

How to choose a tax software

You'll find many choices on the market, and most offer an error guarantee. Before you settle on the cheapest tax company, review the
  • platform features 
  • ease of use 
  • visual experience 
  • customer support 
  • data import options
  • tax extension

How to file taxes online for free

The members of the Free File Alliance are private tax software companies who agree to offer free IRS e-file services based on specific eligibility requirements. Approximately 70% of the U.S. population qualifies for free online tax filing (Source: To learn more, visit Free File: Do Your Federal Taxes for Free or

TIP: The more widely searched companies include TurboTax Free, H&R Block Free, and FreeTaxUSA (Source: Google AdWords).

Before you get started with your free tax filing, you'll need a copy of your prior-year tax return and the documents for the following year's income and deductions. Check out the IRS infographic below for guidance.

Do Your Federal Taxes For Free
Source: IRS How to File Free
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