101 Tax Write-Offs That Will Help You Save Money

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Small business tax deductions are your best tool to reduce a looming tax bill. By timing the purchases correctly, you can save tax in more than one year.

List of Tax Write Offs for Small Business | www.deductingtherightway.com

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What can I deduct on my taxes?

Your business expenses must be ordinary and necessary for your industry. For example, you shouldn’t try to deduct a stethoscope when you’re a handyman — although it’s a common tax deduction for a doctor doesn’t mean you are eligible to take it. Your tax deductions should also be reasonable and not lavish.

How do tax deductions work?

You can either deduct the purchase in the same year (expense) or spread it over several years (capitalize). The IRS spells out what you need to do for each situation, so it’s essential you know all the rules. If you’re handling your bookkeeping (and not using a professional), make sure you place all the transactions in the proper business expense categories with memo notes and receipts.

TIP: The end-of-year statements you hand over to a tax return preparer summarize your business finances. It’s up to you, or your bookkeeper, to classify individual transactions correctly each day throughout the year. Otherwise, expect to pay extra for an accountant to fix it for you at tax time.

List of tax write-offs

The tax deductions list includes the most common business expenses you are likely to buy but may forget to add on your tax return. The resource can also help you think of other tax-deductible items you didn’t know were available to you.

Office Productivity

When you’re ready to outfit your office, you can deduct a variety of purchases.

  1.  Multi-function office printer/copy machine
  2.  Printer paper
  3.  Printer ink
  4.  Office scanner
  5.  Shredder
  6.  Laptop, tablet, desktop computer
  7.  Carrying case for a laptop or tablet
  8.  Mouse and computer accessories
  9.  Extension cords
10.  Surge protector power strip
11.  Desk or conference table
12.  Stapler and desk accessories
13.  Office chair(s)
14.  Office supplies
15.  Filing cabinet
16.  Folders and labels
17.  Bookshelf
18.  Portable printer
19.  Portable scanner
20.  Rolling office bag for off-site visits
21.  Three-way plug adapter

Main Lobby

A great first impression can do wonders for your business. Here are the everyday items you’ll find in an office lobby.

22.  Artwork or posters 
23.  Couch and armchairs
24.  Coffee table
25.  Area rug
26.  Coat rack
27.  Flat screen TV
28.  Table lamps
29.  Candy bowl
30.  Charging station
31.  Water, soda, and snacks for customers
32.  Coffeemaker
33.  Disposable cups
34.  Coffee and tea
Coffee condiments

Storage Room

You may need to place inventory, files, and extra equipment or tools into a secure location. Let’s look at what you’ll find in a storage room.

36.  Storage bins
37.  Cabinets
38.  Labels and signs 
39.  Shelving, hooks, and brackets
40.  Dolley
50.  Barcode scanner/inventory scan gun

Marketing Items & Brand Building

We all need to put the word out there (or you’re less likely to get new customers). Here are a few ways you can do it.

51.  Business cards
52.  Flyers
53.  Brochures and rack holder
54.  Door hangers
55.  Postcards
56.  Presentation folders
57.  Notepads
58.  Pens
59.  Logo and graphic design
60.  Swag/giveaway items
61.  Window decal clings
62.  Vehicle wrap or magnets
63.  Billboard advertisement
64.  CPC/PPC digital advertising
65.  Direct mail marketing
66.  Newspaper ad
67.  Online directory
68.  Domain registration and hosting
69.  Trademark application
70.  Incorporation fees and renewals
71.  Registered agent fee
72.  Business license

Employees and Independent Contractors

At some point, you will need help to run your business, but it doesn’t come without its tax deductible perks.

73.  Wages and salaries
74.  Bonuses
75.  Payroll taxes
76.  Payroll processing fees
77.  Workers comp insurance
78.  Unemployment insurance
79.  Key person insurance
80.  Health insurance
81.  401K match
82.  Taxable fringe benefits
83.  HR software
84.  Job advertising fees
85.  Screening costs
86.  Recruiter or headhunter fees
87.  Corporate training
88.  Awards and incentives
89.  Reimbursements (accountable plan)
90.  Freelancer invoices
91.  Legal, accounting, and consulting fees
92. 1099/W-2 form filings

Headquarters/Business Office

You will incur several expenses to operate your office, including

93.   Office rent or mortgage
94.   Maintenance and repairs
95.   Improvements
96.   Real property taxes
97.   Tangible property taxes
98.   Utilities
99.   Property insurance
100. General liability insurance
101. Errors and omissions insurance

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