Tax Deductions When You Make a Blog

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Creating a blog or eBook for your business helps drive traffic to your website so you can better promote your product or service. Let's see what type of expenses are deductible.

Tax Deductions for Writers |

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What are the tax deductions for writers?

You may write off ordinary and necessary business expenses related to launching and maintaining a business blog, eBook, guide, e-zine or traditional book. 
  • Editing services or grammar apps
  • Blog hosting service
  • Domain name registration
  • Website design
  • Graphic design/eBook design
  • Online advertising/AdWords/pay per click
  • Printing hard copies
TIP: Depending on the expense, you can either get a full tax write off, or you may need to deduct a little at a time over several years.

How to get started writing

Don't write about the same things everyone else does — come up with a different angle or subtopics. Also, you shouldn't focus on your product or service. It's okay to mention it intermittently, but your readers are there to learn something new.

How to start writing a blog or book |

TIP: If you are not comfortable writing the content, you can hire someone to compose it for you. Check out freelancer websites to find the perfect candidate.

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