Social Influencer Marketing: How to Reach Micro Influencers

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Small business owners are taking advantage of the latest trend in advertising — influencer marketing. It's an affordable alternative to traditional marketing mediums. 

How does influencer marketing work?

You connect with your target audience by partnering up with a social media account profile that has earned trust with its users. Influencer marketing can be an effective way to get exposure for your products and strengthen your brand.

Why are consumers more likely to listen to influencers?

Consumers place a higher value on the personal recommendation of friends and family (Source: Nielsen). Think of the most recent conversation you’ve had with someone you know — even an acquaintance or a stranger at a social event.

The person shares a story of a product or service that really works for them. They are providing an honest review because they spent their hard-earned money on it. You absorb the information and now hold the company in higher regard. Why? You trust what they're saying more than the advertisements you are bombarded with every day. 

TIP: Be mindful of someone who has a personal stake in the recommendation (and isn't mentioning it), see The FTC’s Endorsement Guides: What People Are Asking.

How to find social media influencers?

Browse your friends' social media accounts and focus on those who have a lot of followers. 
  • Determine the most commonly used hashtags to see if their message is a good fit for your target audience. 
  • Look at how frequently they post and whether it's about a product or service they really love (or hate). 
  • If the person doesn’t share their personal experiences on their account, then move on to the next candidate.
During your influencer search, you can also reach out to customers who engage with your social media accounts, then repeat the steps. Or use web tools to find strangers that speak to your customer base.

How much to pay micro influencers?

Set a budget you can afford to pay for each message the influencer creates. Let’s assume it’s $25 or $50 per social media post. Someone with a few thousand followers may take you up on your offer. Know that as their follower count increases, so will your payout.

If you're low on cash, think about a barter transaction. You can give away a free product or service for a review — or you can mention the influencer on your social media accounts highlighting their product, service, or interests.

TIP: Be careful how the paid influencer structures their post when they endorse or mention your company, or you may run afoul of the FTC advertisement rules. 
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