Going Out of Your Way for Cheap Gas Prices? It Doesn't Add Up.

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It's better to fill up at the nearest gas station than drive miles away from your home or workplace for a small discount. 

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Visit a gas station near me or far away...

Assume your vehicle needs 15 gallons of gas to refill the tank. You check your favorite gas app to find the lowest prices, and you get excited to see a discount at a gas station that's a few miles away from your current location.

Here's the breakdown.
  • a five cent discount saves you $0.75
  • a ten cent discount saves you $1.50
  • a fifteen cent discount saves you $2.25
The savings are probably less than you imagined, plus you need to factor in the extra time to get there. Hopefully, you don't encounter a traffic jam while you travel to the alternate location.

Time management tip for small business owners

If you're a busy entrepreneur, your time is better spent on more important tasks than driving out of your way for $1 of $2. Instead, sign up for a discount gas card you can use for your fleet vehicles. Then, you'll get automatic savings on gas prices.

TIP: Try to keep your vehicle's tank full so you can ride out any temporary price hikes.

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