How to Get More Customers for Your Business

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Getting referrals isn’t always easy. It’s one of the many aspects of running a business, and it’s where you may spend the most time.
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How to get more customers

Building your customer list doesn't have to cost you a lot of money upfront. It's better to use methods that require you to pay after a sale occurs.

Tap into your current network

Getting referrals from your existing customers is probably your best and most natural resource. If you incentive the process, then you’re more likely to increase your customer base.
  • Create business cards with a unique code that ties the referral to the customer
  • Offer a promotion or discount to new sign-ups
  • Make the referral fee the same as the promo (e.g., $25 for you and $25 for your friend)

Get strangers to help you

Create an affiliate program to expand your referral network. You'll gain access to more people willing to mention and promote your company via affiliate marketing. You pay them a percentage of the sale (or a flat fee).

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Forge a partnership relationship

Get in touch with local businesses that align with your product or service. Then, create a reciprocating referral relationship (if allowed for that specific industry). It’s a way to help each other. Plus, customers appreciate it when a business recommends another one since they don’t have to find one on their own.

TIP: You can deduct the cost of gaining a new customer as a marketing or advertising expense, whichever applies.

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