Email Writing Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

In today’s business world, emails often need to be brief and to the point. However, it is still important to express yourself in a way that is professional, clear, and appropriate for the situation.

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Here are a few customer service tips to keep in mind:
  • Use a greeting - When you’re expecting several correspondences to accumulate in one day with the same person, make sure that at least the first email has a greeting (Hello ____). If you’ve never exchanged emails with the recipient, then use a formal option (Hello Mr./Mrs _____).
  • Stay organized - Make sure that the email is well-organized and methodical. Try to break the subject into short paragraphs and use bullet points whenever possible.
  • Keep it simple - Try to avoid lengthy emails. It's easier to use a summary and then attach a longer document with a detailed explanation of a complicated matter.
  • Check your grammar - Do your best to use appropriate punctuation and spelling. If proofreading isn’t your strong suit, find a co-worker or employee who can review it and make corrections for you. Better yet, you can install Grammarly for free.
  • Review before you send - Quickly review your email for errors and make sure it reads smoothly. If it’s not time-sensitive, leave it in your draft folder and come back to it a couple of hours later.
  • Don't try to be perfect - Yes, we all want to send a correctly worded email, but it's not always going to happen. Make peace with the fact you will have flawed communications now and then.
TIP: Remember, the money you pay to have an important email reviewed by a professional editor or attorney can be tax deductible (including the cost of a writing app).

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